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PT GPS Lands Indosolutions
PT GPS Lands Indosolutions
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Founded on July 12, 2006, PT. GPS Lands Indo Solutions is a company that provides technology solutions for survey and mapping for the geographic area of Indonesia. Located in South Jakarta, Indonesia, PT. GPS Lands Indo Solutions provides a wide range of capabilities based on the four ( 4) core business segments:
1. Land Surveying - GPS and Optic
2. Mapping & GIS and Infrastructure
3. Training and Consulting
4. Repair and Maintenance

In line with the market segment we serve, the best variety of solutions that we present is also coupled with training and repair services is already well known.

Our ultimate goal is to become " Partners Choice " which aims to provide support to all our valued customers to follow our future
Our Services

PT. GPS Lands Indo Solutions is a sple agent / exclusive distributor sales to trademark Trimble, leader of technological innovation in GPS ( Global Positioning System) , in the sale of GIS Mapping, Geomatics and Engineering in Indonesia; authorized distributor Nikon Optical Survey Instrument for Autolevel, Digital Theodolite; Spectra Precision GPS / GNSS to the field of satellite-based Survey and Mapping GPS / GNSS.

PT. GPS Lands Indo Solutions to position ourselves as a provider of training for the users of Trimble products, Nikon and Spectra Precision. We also provide service and repair for all types of Total Station, Digital Level, etc..

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